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Welcome to Chelmsford Doula

I believe every birth, baby, mother and family are unique with their own experiences. Therefore, I feel it’s essential to tailor my support offered to suit the needs & goals of the family.

The support I offer can be tailored to your needs, they may include; Antenatal visits to plan and discuss support you would like Telephone & text support whenever you need it Newborn care alongside or while mother rests and recuperates Practical light household chores Sibling or newborn care, while parents can spend time with baby or older children Preparation of light snacks Signposting to relevant services and resources Overnight support package available for feeding and newborn care.




“Sarah is immensely practical and sensible, and infinitely patient, kind, warm, and supportive. My first three months of being a new mum were really tough, and Sarah was there when I needed her the most, especially when my baby struggled to breastfeed and I felt really low. I wouldn’t be the happy and confident mum I am now without her guidance and support.”

Fiona (Mum to William)

Sarah Mansell

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Sarah Mansell